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Aspie Poems

As I mentioned in other sections of this blog, I am a poet. After I began considering that I have Asperger Syndrome, I began exploring further myself, my past, my present — and then wrote poems during this exploration. I am still trying to make sense of all of this, so I’m sure there will be more poems written.

I wanted to share a few of my favorites that examine facets of being an Aspie. The first, entitled “You Don’t See It”, explores and explains the basics of me and AS. In “Dust”, I catalog my once never-ending search for “normal”.”Letter to My Father” speaks to the hereditary aspect of Asperger Syndrome. “Speech” examines the way I communicate through poetry as sometimes an alternative to speech, and “Threads” is my poetic offering for Autistics Speaking Day 2011.

I hope you enjoy reading my poems. I’ve opted to turn each one into a sub-page for easier viewing. Click on the links below to read each one:

More poems about Asperger Syndrome, autism, and my experiences with Asperger’s are on my Raven’s Wing Poetry blog.

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