My Poem, “Color (A Modest Plea)” Published in Shift Journal

Greetings! My poem, “Color (A Modest Plea)“, was published today in Shift Journal of Alternatives: Neurodiversity and social change.

For those not familiar with Shift Journal, its premise is that autism has existed all along and it entertains “the notion of autistic as a legitimate way to be in the world, from the crossroads of theory, society, and personal experience”.

The poem was inspired by a piece by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg of Journeys with Autism which appeared earlier this month in Shift Journal, “An Open Letter to Robert MacNeil Regarding PBS’ Autism Now Series“. I used the same quote by Robert MacNeil from the series to jump-start this poem as one of 30 poems I am writing for National Poetry Month. Please jog over to Shift Journal to read it, and check out the many other contributions in the journal about autism and neurodiversity.



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