More Myth-Busting: New Autism and Empathy Website

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg of Journeys With Autism has created the new Autism and Empathy website to “undo the myths about autism and empathy that have stigmatized autistic people for so long”. She and other writers featured on the site will be speaking about autism and empathy from personal perspectives as well as exploring the question in terms of the medical and scientific.

I encourage you to check out the site. She has already posted an excellent article which breaks down empathy in terms of its three types: cognitive, emotional, and expressed empathy. My poem, “Color (A Modest Plea)” also now appears there as well.


4 thoughts on “More Myth-Busting: New Autism and Empathy Website

    • Hello Yusuf: Thank you for sharing your post. I read it last week when you first left this comment, and I think you have some very interesting insights. I’m writing again about the whole autism and empathy question as a follow up to my first post about it last year and will be revisiting your post whilst writing.



  1. I really enjoyed your story about explaining the “thrown away aunt into an institution”. I felt sorry for Sarah and how she must have been angry at the world for alienating her into a lost world of institutions. It was sort of like me when I was in Woodlands for a year at age 5 or 6 because of my abnormal behaviours. Fortunately my parents took me out of Woodlands and helped me get an education and “near normal” life.

    Lyle Lexier (also an autistic man, Hebrew linguist, computer programmer, musician)

    • Hello Lyle: Thanks for stopping by. I must admit I am a bit confused at the moment….I don’t recall any of the posts on WWA discussing institutionalisation. Could you point me to what you’ve read?

      Thank you,


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