My Poem, “A Theology of an Autistic Body” Published in qarrtsiluni

My poem, “A Theology of an Autistic Body“, was published yesterday in qarrtsiluni. You can also hear me reading the poem on the podcast for that day on its website.

Qarrtsiluni is an online journal of poetry, prose, and art which publishes themed issues each quarter, with one poem/piece of prose/piece of artwork per day during each issue. This poem was published as part of the imprisonment issue — the contributors for that issue examine the idea of confinement, either voluntarily or involuntarily. “A Theology”, for me, is a statement about the sometimes voluntarily withdrawal that I sometimes need as an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome.

So, go check the poem out, and I invite you to read the rest of the issue as well 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Poem, “A Theology of an Autistic Body” Published in qarrtsiluni

    • Hello Mary:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and so I am so late in responding. RL took over with a vengeance the last couple of months and I am just now getting around to responding to some of the comments :). I am touched by your compliment and appreciation. One of the most damaging myths about autism and Asperger’s left over from the 60’s is that there is “nothing going on inside”, which is utter BS. One of the things I aim to do through this blog and my poetry is to “peel back the curtain” and show people what it is like. So, thank you again.


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