My Art Piece, “Escape” in April and May Art of Autism Shows

One of my digital art pieces, “Escape”, will be displayed as part of the Art of Autism exhibits in April and May. “Escape” is based on my poem, “Letter to My Father”, and is a digital art print on photo paper. “Letter to My Father” appears in the 2012 edition of The Art of Autism, which is now available for purchase from its website.

“Escape”, along with art from several other artists on the autism spectrum with work in The Art of Autism, will be featured in both the April and May shows.

The first Art of Autism exhibit will be at the Bohemia Coffee House in Ojai, CA during April (click on the image below to view larger).

The May exhibit will be at Curious Cup in Carpinteria, CA. Click here for more information.


Upcoming Art of Autism Art Shows

The Art of Autism has three upcoming shows this spring. Information is courtesy of Debra Hosseini, editor of The Art of Autism.

NEWSFLASH! The 2012 edition is coming March 21, 2012 and includes 77 artists and poets on the spectrum (including me — my poem, “Letter to My Father”, is in the book)!

  • April 1 – April 30 at the Bohemia Coffee Shop in Ojai, California. There will be an art reception and book signing on April 15 — join Celebrate Autism and others at this event!
  • May 1 – May 31 at the Curious Cup Bookstore in Carpinteria, California. There will be an open Studio Art Tour during the weekend of May 12 – May 13. Also, there will be an art reception, book signing, and other events — details to be announced.
  • In collaboration with the Santa Barbara Art Walk for Kids, there will also be a show at the Faulkner Gallery May 1 – May 30. Details to be announced.