Long Distance Poetry: The Awe in Autism Arts Exhibits

A newly cut video for my poem, “You Don’t See It”, will be featured at two Awe In Autism arts exhibits in April in New York state.

The events collectively are called The Awe in Autism: A Spectrum of Creativity. The first event is on Saturday, April 2 (World Autism Awareness Day) at the Glenwood Arts Center in Glenwood, NY, and will feature my work and that of several other Awe in Autism artists. The second event is on Sunday, April 10 at the Great Neck Arts Center in Great Neck, Long Island; this will feature the same Awe in Autism artists, plus a group of performers.

Sorry, I can’t show you the new video right now…however, I will post in on the Raven’s Wing Poetry YouTube channel after the events are over. I’m very excited at the opportunity for my work to be exhibited and to reach others and thank Awe in Autism for choosing to feature my work along with such talented artists on the autism spectrum.



ANCA 2010 Naturally Autistic Awards

We are less than a week away from the 2010 ANCA Naturally Autistic Awards. The awards ceremony is set to take place in Vancouver, BC on Saturday, October 30.

ANCA has been in existence since 1995 and its mission is to ” support the natural development of autistic people by providing education and training to autistic individuals, their families, and the community at large.” They have been holding the yearly Naturally Autistic Event in Vancouver, which celebrate artistic talent in autistic children and adults — but this is the FIRST year that ANCA has opened up awards and participation to artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians outside the Canada. In addition to Canadian awards winners, this year’s ceremonies will feature artists from the United States and Austrailia.

The program of that afternoon’s ceremonies can be viewed at http://flipflashpages.uniflip.com/2/34838/73200/pub/index.html or via PDF at http://www.naturallyautistic.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/NA-Program-final.pdf.

Tickets are still available for this event at: http://naturallyautistic.eventbrite.com/?ref=ebtn

Please watch this blog for more developements or check out ANCA’s Facebook Page. Also, check out this note on AutismHWY’s Facebook page discussing and supporting the upcoming awards.


Stress, Anxiety, and the Aspie Woman, Part II: Coping Strategies

The raw, the unwrapped, the ripped open wires
inside me call for brand new Hiroshimas.

From DNA, and the world climbing onto my back
I have gone tone deaf to everyone.

(From my poem, “Meltdown”)

In last week’s post, I talked about why we with Asperger Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders have more difficulty dealing with stress and anxiety. To recap, some of the reasons include low frustration tolerance, unpredictability, monotropism (the tendency to see and focus upon only one part of the picture instead of the whole), and problems reading non-verbal cues. These difficulties can turn an already uncertain and stressful world into a downright frightening one for us. But we are not defeated – there are ways that we can help ourselves cope. I’d like to share a few of those with you in today’s post.

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