Speaking in Tongues (This Is Autism)

Today is the “This Is Autism” flash blog event, and the moderators of the official TIA flash blog (http://thisisautismflashblog.blogspot.ca/) have invited people to share what autism means to them. This is my contribution. Pop on over to Raven’s Wing Poetry to read it.

Raven's Wing Poetry

Hello there! If you’re looking for this poem, it has been published in Red Wolf Journal.

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Listen (An Open Letter to Autism Speaks)

Autism Speaks has decided to hijack Washington and present its own agenda about autism. Time and time again, they have not included autistic people in their leadership, promoted “cause and cure” thinking about autism, has not represented the interests of autistic people, and continually paints autism as a tragedy. I speak best in verse, so please consider jumping over to Raven’s Wing Poetry and reading my open letter (poem) to Autism Speaks. Oh yeah — and please share. 🙂


Raven's Wing Poetry

after Michael Stipe

Listen: I have a voice. It is my own.
I did not install you as a little charm box
to hang in the back of my throat
and chime discordant when I send
wind from my sails up to the world

to produce sound – nor did
I rip a little patch of my soul from
the cathedral of strings inside my neck
and give it to you to own and
sound as you please.

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Finding One’s Voice: Art, Autism, and Communication

dip into this thing that we cannot
name except for the words
flowing from our pens and tongues.
— From my poem, “Samadhi”

So much of the dialog about autism focuses about how we as autistics cannot and do not communicate. I’ve noticed that the emphasis seems to be on our capability (or lack of) to communicate with speech, and I sense an underlying assumption that limits human communication to the realm of speech. Besides the distinction of high-functioning versus low-functioning (which I think are somewhat limiting concepts), verbal versus non-verbal serves as yet another division line between autistics. I feel that the emphasis on verbal communication in autistic people promotes a severely limited idea of how autistic people can and do communicate which does not allow for alternate methods.Loose Lips

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ARS SPECTRA: The Artistic Autistic Exhibit, Manhattan

[reposted from Debra Hosseini]


ARS SPECTRA: The Artistic Autistic

October 27th – October 30th

A Four-Day Festival of Art, Music, Song and Performance
by Autistic Artists


The Soho Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan St. New York, NY 10012
212 228-2810

A four-day extravaganza showcasing the wide-ranging artistic talents of people on the autism spectrum. Free and ticketed events will include an art exhibition, live performances, art workshops and more.

Special Guests will include Keri Bowers (Normal People Scare Me), Debra Hosseini (Artism: The Art of Autism), artists Justin Canha and Esther Brokaw, professor/musician Stephen Shore and Dr. Rosa C. Martinez (Strokes of Genius)

Click here for a flyer with more information about the show (PDF).

The Art of Autism: Upcoming Exhibits

Hello WWA Readers!

I wanted to help get the word out about several upcoming exhibits from The Art of Autism. The next edition of the book will be coming out next year. In the past, the book has featured visual art — the next edition will feature poetry as well…including one of my poems. Details to follow.

Here are each of the upcoming shows in which The Art of Autism or those featured in it will be participating:

Neurodiversity Exhibit – Artists on the Spectrum. The exhibit runs from September 19 – October 24 at the Curious Cup Bookstore in Carpinteria, CA . A book signing for artist Dani Bowman and Poet Sydney Edmond will be held on October 9 1:00 – 3:00 PM. More info and a flyer here.

ARS Spectra – This exhibit opens October 27 and runs for three weeks at Soho Digital Art Gallery in Manhattan. Debra Hosseini will be holding a book signing on October 27 ay 6:00 PM and an Art of Autism entertainment show on October 28. Additionally, Esther Brokaw will be giving lecture on Savant Syndrome on October 27. More info and a flyer here.

The Art of Autism – This exhibit will run November 4, 5, and 6 at The Good Purpose Gallery in Lee, Massachusetts.  Debra Hosseini will be holding a book signing November 4 and 5. There will also be an Art of Autism entertainment show — Spectrum Theater November 5. Esther Brokaw will also be giving a lecture on Savant Syndrome on November 6.

There will also be a fundraiser for the Santa Barbara Art Foundation and the Santa Barbara Library. Debra Hosseini will be holding a book signing October 9 at Gallerie 113 La Arcada in Santa Barbra on Thursday, October 6th from 5 – 8 pm and a private reception on Sunday October 9th from 2- 4 pm.

I will be part of the Art of Autism exhibit in November. Stay tuned for more details.

If you live near any of these venues, I encourage you to visit and see. Like Awe in Autism, the Art of Autism is also dedicated to showcasing the artist talents of autistic people.