Sometimes, It’s Nice to Know that You’re Not the Only One.

Earlier this morning, I had a small, yet profound moment which was worth pausing to take notice of.

Since I’ve been unable to be as involved lately with the autism community at large (namely, I have been unable to blog, tweet, or read anyone else’s blogs), I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected. It’s strange how this might happen, even if your loved ones are also on the spectrum: my fiance shows signs of being  a spectrumite and I conjecture that if he had been diagnosed as a kid by DSM-IV criteria, he would probably be diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Also, we suspect that another one of our family might also be on the spectrum as well. Continue reading


Women, Autism, and Social Mimicry Survey

Greetings WWA Readers!

Despite recent events, I am carrying on with an effort to research the issue of women, autism, and social mimicry. As I have mentioned before, Dr. Tony Attwood suggests that women and girls on the spectrum have a tendency to attempt to fit in social by observing the accepted behaviors of their group or culture, and then imitating them. I am curious about this phenomenon of social mimicry amongst women on the spectrum and would like to find out how common this is.

I invite women on the autism spectrum (both officially diagnosed and self-diagnosed) to take my Polldaddy survey. It is a short, ten question survey intended, and both cis- and trans- women are invited to participate. Please click the link below to go to the survey (which will pop up in front of your browser window). If the button below does not work, you may link to the survey directly at:

Please pass this on to other autistic women! My goal is to find at least 100 to take the survey.

UPDATE: I’m keeping the survey open until midnight on December 10, 2011 to give more people a chance to take it. There’s been a rather large response to the survey — thanks to Autism Women’s Network, Autism Blogs Directory, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, and Canddi on Facebook for helping to spread the word.