Autism Poems

Emergence by Nicole Nicholson

“Autism is a gift, disguised as a dilemma.”
Sharisa Kochmeister, as quoted in the autism documentary Loving Lampposts

Since discovering in 2010 that I am autistic, I have explored what autism means to me in my past and present through poetry. Although Woman With Asperger’s in on semi-permanent hiatus, I invite you to read some of my poems writing during my exploration of autism at Raven’s Wing Poetry. I have linked to some of these poems here, and you can read the rest by visiting Raven’s Wing Poetry.

I also invite you to read the poems of Steelville, a fictional universe based on my hometown on Middletown, OH. Several of the lead characters are autistic, including Helen R. Jones, an elderly African-American woman. She has been involved in two major story arcs — The Great River Visions (written in Summer 2013) and Digital Purgatory (which I am currently writing).